Visual therapy is a commonly misunderstood concept. But the value of doing it, can literally change a person's life. Your eyes are the sense that bring in the most info to our brain, so that the brain can tell the body what the output should be. 80% of what we learn and experience comes in through our eyes. Yet, it is the last thing that is checked when kids or people are struggling.
The only way we can know that there is a miscommunication between the brain and eye, is by looking at eye movements, and how the eyes work together in binocularity. It is like talking on the phone and the signal is bad, and you can't hear. How frustrating is that? The only way you know that the signal is bad, is by not hearing properly.


Doing visual therapy enhances the brain-eye connection, so that the signal will be of high quality and the info that goes in will be of good value.
Can you think that only half the message through the eye reaches the brain, and the brain needs to decide what output is required to order the body to fulfil. On half a message, what will the output look like? That is why visual therapy has such a tremendous impact on children with learning difficulties. This is the same with patients that experienced a brain injury, as small as a concussion to car accidents. The moment you can reconnect the brain and eye pathways, you better the patients performance and recovery and the senses of how they experience their changed world.