We have a wide variety of hygiene and protective products to meet the needs of every customer that visits our practice or for the convenience of those who are passing through town. We also host a number of industry leading brands that are frequently updated with the latest collections to keep our customers on trend!



COMPLETE® Multi-Purpose Solution has been formulated for multi-purpose use with soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses. This solution cleans, loosens and removes accumulations of film, protein, other deposits and debris from soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses. It destroys harmful microorganisms on the surface of the lenses and also rinses and stores the lenses.

AO Sept contact lens cleaning solution is one of the most effective cleaners available. It is mainly used for soft contact lenses, though we sometimes will recommend it for hard, RGP, or orthoK contact lenses.

AO Sept solution contains hydrogen peroxide which provides the very effecting cleansing for your contact lenses. Over a period of 6 hours in the lens case the hydrogen peroxide is converted to a neutral solution that is then safe for the eyes. It is very important that you always use the contact lens case provided with the AO Sept as the case activates the neutralisation process.


Clean, disinfect and store your lenses with one simple solution.

Hy-Care multipurpose solution is compatible with all types of contact lenses.

Improves eye health

Designed to resist the build-up of protein deposits and match the pH of your tears for more comfortable lens wear.


Lens Plus OcuPure Saline 360ml is a saline solution that is suitable for all types of contact lenses. It helps clean and protect your lenses for more effective and longer lasting usage.

Purilens Plus saline solution is preservative-free, pH-balanced, sterile, aqueous isotonic solution of sodium chloride, buffered with boric acid and sodium borate. Does not contain chlorhexidine, thimerosal, or other mercury-containing compounds.

Rinsing with PuriLens solution removes loosened debris from the lens surface prior to cleaning and disinfecting with the PuriLens system. 

Keeps the lens wet (hydrated) during PuriLens System cleaning and disinfection. 



Optive Fusion drops have a unique formula that blends several ocular lubricants to give enhanced lubrication and protection to the cornea for long-lasting relief from moderate to severe dry eye symptoms. Use Optive for less severe symptoms, or consider Optive Plus for a different blend of lubricants.

It has a unique formula to provide long-lasting comfort. Firstly it lubricates the eye surface, secondly it moisturises the ocular surface cells by restoring the osmotic balance.


Whether you need dry eye relief or simply want to support healthy vision, Systane has a product that’s right for you. Through a wide variety of eye drops, ointments and supplements, Systane keeps your eyes feeling their best every day and night.

These lubricating eye drops leave eyes feeling refreshed, bringing you relief and lasting protection against mild dry eye symptoms.



These are a few of our brands, there are lots more to see and experience at our practice. We cannot wait to meet you and help you find the right frame or sunglass!