As we draw closer to sending our children back to school, it is important to understand their Eyecare needs in order for them to achieve maximum results while learning.

Accommodation is when your ciliary muscles in your eyes have to contract to focus on a near object. Over the past couple of years, the amount of near work has increased tremendously, especially with children and the increase in school work, cell phone and computer usage, lock down and working from home has increased our near visual demand even more. Thus, accommodation spasm is now more a reality than ever before. The way we have to test, treat and compensate for it is an art in balancing the amount that is naturally allowed from what is too much, causing the spasm.

The result of a constant accommodation spasm is the start and aggravation of Myopia (short sightedness), head aches, near to far blur when you look up, loss of concentration, neck spasm, difficulty with reading, general tiredness etc. Always ensure that your child gets a comprehensive eye exam that can detect accommodation spasm and give them the correct help that can optimize their performance at school.

For more information on prevention of Myopia, please contact us to learn more or book an appointment.

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